Current Stock List

Chilean Rose Grammostola rosea £64.99
Michoacan Red Tarantula AF Aphonopelma sp. “Michoacan” £124.99
Guyana Pink Toe Avicularia avicularia £14.99
Purple Pink Toe Avicularia juruensis £26.99
Metallic Pink Toe Avicularia metallica £39.99
Purple Pink Toe Avicularia purpurea £54.99
Cañaveral Red Rump Brachypelma albiceps £11.99
Mexican Golden Red Rump Brachypelma albiceps £25.00
Mexican fire leg Brachypelma boehmei £99.99
Mexican red knee Spiderling 1-2cm Brachypelma hamorii £25.99
Giant orange knee Juvenile Brachypelma smithi £99.99
Female Giant orange knee Brachypelma smithi £199.99
Martinique pink toe Caribena versicolor £27.99
Unicorn Baboon Ceratogyrus marshalli £14.99
Electric Blue Earth Tiger Chilobrachys sp. £34.99
Green bottle blue Juvenile Chromatopelma cynaeopubescens £69.99
Green Bottle Blue – Spiderling Chromatopelma cynaeopubescens £29.99
Trinidad Dwarf Tiger, Love Heart Butt Cyriocosmus elegans £14.99
Cobalt Blue Tarantula Inc Faunarium Cyriopagopus lividum £84.99
Mexican tiger rump Davus pentaloris £14.99
Lava Tarantula Davus sp. “Panama” £99.99
Brazilian Red Rump Grammostola actaeon £54.99
Brazilian Black Juvenile Grammostola pulchra £119.99
Pumpkin patch Hapalopus sp Columbia £13.99
Golden Blue Leg Baboon Harpactira pulchripes £34.99
Togo starburst Spiderling 1cm Heteroscodra maculata £14.99
Rusty Baboon – Hysterocrates gigas Hysterocrates gigas £35.99
Pygmy Fire Leg Kochiana brunnipes £14.99
Sangihe Island Black Lambpropelma nigerrimum £29.99
Salmon Pink Birdeater Spiderling Lasidora parahybana £14.99
Salmon Pink Birdeater Juvenile Lasidora parahybana £31.99
Socotra Island Blue Baboon Monocentropus balfouri £69.99
Trinidad olive Neoholothele incei £28.99
Paraguay Red Hair Nhandu Carapoensis £19.99
White Striped Birdeater Spiderling Nhandu chromatus £14.99
Brazilian Black And White Nhandu colloratovillosus £14.99
Singapore Blue Omothymus violaceopes £49.99
Panay Blue Earth Tiger Orphaneus sp. Panay blue £19.99
Cuban Gold Phormictopus auratus £25.99
Java Tree Tiger spiderling Phormingochilus sp. rufus £24.99
Trinidad Chevron juv Psalmopoeus cambridgei £59.99
Venezuelan Suntiger 2cm Psalmopoeus irminia £24.99
Panama Blonde Juvenile Psalmopoeus pulcher £49.99
Panama Blonde Sling Psalmopoeus pulcher £19.99
Colombian Tree Spider Pseudoclamoris burgess £44.99
Orange Baboon Juv W/ Arboreal Keeper Pterinochilus murinus £49.99
Kinsoma Starburst Pterinochilus murinus £16.00
Sazimas Tarantula Spiderling Pterinopelma sazimai £14.99
Sazimas Tarantula Pterinopelma sazimai £74.99
Feather Leg Baboon Stromatopelma calceatum £39.99
Pink foot Goliath bird eater Theraphosa apophysis £119.99
Amazon Sapphire Pinktoe Ybyrapora diversipes £44.99

If you have ever considered a spider as a pet, our range of tarantulas might be just what you are looking for.

Many of the species we sell are easy to maintain, docile and pretty and make excellent pets for a first-time keeper.

We also have more challenging species for the more experienced keeper, so if there’s something you would like to add to your collection why not give us a call to see what we have in stock?

We always try to keep a wide and varied stock of different tarantula species for sale, in a range of different colours, sizes and behaviours.

For expert advice and opinion on diet, housing, heating etc., contact us. We are on-hand to provide professional advice for those who need assistance.