Giant White Knee Tarantula

Big, confident spiders that make a great display species.

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A firm favourite with the store team. They feed well, grow fast and are easy to deal with. The Giant White Knee gets its common name from its very large size, with individuals reaching up to 22cm! This means they require a lot of room but are still simple to provide for and will be happy in a sizable terrarium with a deep substrate and a retreat to hide under. They are a fairly laid back species so are suitable for keepers of all experience levels, and they are confident enough to spend a lot of their time out in the open, making them an excellent display species. The females of this species are long lived and have been known to reach up to 20 years of age, but as with many species, the males have a much shorter lifespan of approximately 4 years. In the wild the Giant White Knee lives in humid, forested areas of Brazil, so in captivity we try to mimic this environment as much as possible by providing them with a humidity level of 70-80%, which can be achieved by misting the enclosure once a week. The Giant White Knee has a diet similar to most other tarantula species, feeding off live insects such as crickets, locust or roaches for adults and fruit flies for smaller spiderlings.

  • Common name: Giant White Knee
  • Scientific Name: Acanthoscurria geniculata
  • Location: Brazil
  • Habitat (wild): Humid Forest
  • Captive environment: Spacious glass, plastic or acrylic terrestrial enclosure
  • Preferred temperature range: 24ºC to 28ºC
  • Preferred Humidity Range: 70-80%
  • Leg span: 18-22cm
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