Evolution Reptiles stock a carefully selected range of pet lizards, from geckos and bearded dragons to uromastyx and skinks which are all available to buy in-store subject to availability. If you are looking to buy a lizard, please phone or visit our store to learn more about our selection of lizards for sale. We can also advise you on how to house and what equipment you will need to use to create the environment that your new pet lizard will need to thrive.

We have a range of beautiful Geckos to choose from, varying in colours and sizes. Our Bearded Dragons for sale are known to be friendly and outgoing, and are the perfect choice for those interested in a medium-sized lizard as a pet.

We also occasionally have Uromastyx for sale which are strictly vegetarian lizards, ideal for anyone who doesn’t like the idea of feeding live foods to their pet lizard. If you’re looking for a lizard which is easy to feed, our Skinks may be the right lizard to buy due to their omnivorous diet, eating a wide variety of foods.

Our animal care team are all experts on lizards and are on-hand to assist you, so please feel free to Contact Us for more information. We also produce care guides for all of the reptiles which are stocked in our Oxfordshire store. If you would like some useful information on how to care for your lizards, visit our Care Hub to view our care sheets including how to care for your Crested Geckos and Bearded Dragons.

There are over 6,500 species of lizards throughout the world, with 3 of these species native to the UK. Lizards (Squamata) are a widespread group of reptiles found across all continents worldwide, with the exception of Antarctica. Lizards vary largely in size, weight, appearance, colour, diets, and behaviour, proving to be a diverse group of reptiles.

Here at Evolution Reptiles we focus on lizards that can be maintained successfully in captivity, with various species requiring differing sized enclosures spacious enough to keep them happy.

Several of our geckos make ideal pets for the first time reptile keeper such as our Leopard Geckos or our beautiful Crested Geckos, but with such a variety of types and species for sale, there truly is a gecko instore for every keeper.

Bearded dragons including the High Red Bearded Dragon are affectionately known to become part of the family in no time, but are best kept singly and require a Large Vivarium with plenty of floor space before becoming your reptile of choice.

Uromastyx such as the North African Uromastyx are herbivorous, making them a great choice of lizard if you aren’t keen on offering live insects to your pet reptile, and thrive in larger sized environments which best meet their need for varied temperatures and active habits.

Our range of skinks, which sometimes includes the Blue Tongue Skink, are robust lizards making excellent pets for beginners and advanced reptile keepers alike. A large vivarium, bright basking spot and good source of UV are all that’s required to welcome a skink as part of the family for many years to come.

If you are interested in any of these fascinating species, please speak to one of our team members who will advise you on the best way to keep them to a high welfare standard.

For more information please check out our Care Hub, with an extensive range of Care Sheets, or Contact Us if you wish to check availability of any lizards from our Oxfordshire reptile shop.