Customers Pets – Photo Gallery

We love to see your pets, so please share a photo with us to add to our board. 

Greg the Red Eyed Crocodile skink
Image of a classic corn snake being held in a hand over some live plants.
Kellog the Corn snake
Image of a Collared Lizard. Close up head shot
Buttons the Collared Lizard
Juvenile Curly Hair Tarantula Brachypelma albopilosum
Curly Wurly the Curly Hair
Spidey the Gooty Sapphire
Gizmo, A leatherback bearded dragon. Loves locusts and staring out of the window.
Georgy the Crested Gecko
Amber the Corn snake
Bobski the Curly Hair
Manny the Gargoyle Gecko
White tree frog
Strawberry. She’s a blue eyed white’s tree frog who’s super sweet and loves exploring new ground while I sort out her viv — here she was investigating my cassettes 🙂
Doris and Dolly the Horsfield Tortoises
Smaug the Crested Gecko
Rafiki the OBT
Peatree the Grey Tree Frog
Bibidy, Babady and Boo the Riobamba Marsupial Frogs
Leopard gecko
Dexter the Super Snow Leopard Gecko
Biggy the Brongesma Toad