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Pets as Presents

24th October 2017/Animal advice/3 min. read

Pets As Presents At what point is it acceptable to give a pet as a…

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Tangerine Albino African Fat Tailed Gecko

Overheating – how to deal with your vivarium in a heatwave!

21st June 2017/Animal advice

As I type this we are in the grip of one of our sporadic summer…

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Tales from the shop floor – No 1

5th May 2017/Business

People often say to us “You’ve got the best job ever!”. And in many ways,…

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The Evolution Reptiles shop, Kiddlington
Planted terrarium croped

Decorating your vivarium

5th May 2017/Animal advice

In front of you sits a pristine vivarium. It’s got the relevant heating and lighting…

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Substrates – the whys and wherefores

22nd March 2017/Animal advice

So what do we mean - exactly - when we use the word substrate? According…

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Tortoise Feeding – Why is it so hard?

22nd March 2017/Tortoise feeding/3 min. read

Feeding Your Tortoise - Why Is It So Hard? We probably spend more time talking…

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Do Bearded Dragons…..?

6th January 2017/Bearded Dragons/3 min. read

  I have trawled google for questions that people ask about bearded dragons and have…

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Leopard Gecko Questions And Answer

4th January 2017/Animal advice/3 min. read

Are leopard geckos nocturnal?   Mostly! Whilst leopard geckos are not out and about during…

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Why breed Leopard Geckos any other way?

4th November 2016/Animal advice/3 min. read

I have always enjoyed looking after Leopard Geckos. I first worked with them in 1995,…

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Australian Barking Gecko Nephrurus milii

Asking the right questions

4th October 2016/Animal advice/2 min. read

As you know there are loads of opinions about how to care for reptiles.  There…

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