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We are looking for a new member of the Evolution Reptiles team, to join us in our Kidlington store.

This is a fantastic opportunity for someone who has retail experience and would like a change of career, or someone who keeps reptiles themselves and would like to further their knowledge. You will need to be enthusiastic, progressive and keen to learn, and be prepared to leave some old beliefs behind! We need great attention to detail, and a real appreciation for the role that hygiene and cleanliness plays in a business like ours. We are looking for someone who understands that this is a retail business, albeit one with rather more social responsibility than most.

Hours: 35hrs per week. Extra days maybe required for holiday and sickness cover.

Responsibilities and Duties

Duties include caring for livestock, helping customers, social media, answering queries by telephone and generally assisting us to improve the welfare of pet reptiles. You need to be as happy dusting shelves and sweeping the floor as having a cuddle with our baby beadies!

Qualifications and Skills

Sales experience and common sense is more important than qualifications, although a zoology degree or veterinary nursing qualification would be a bonus. Please send your CV and covering letter to Pete at info@evolutionreptiles.co.uk