Wooden Vivariums

Vivarium for Sale

Evolution Reptiles offer top-quality wooden vivariums in the UK that provide a comfortable home for your reptiles.

Our range of high-quality vivariums for sale cater for reptiles of many different sizes; we have small, medium, and large sizes for terrestrial and arboreal habitats. Whatever standard ft vivarium you need, check our vivarium range. Our stock is perfect as stand-alone vivariums and as bioactive vivariums with plants. Also, they are easy to set-up with instructions on how to set them up.

An alternative to our wooden reptile tank or vivarium is the plastic and glass terrariums that are suitable for certain reptiles with the best prices and offer in the UK.

Shop for a VixExotic Vivarium

We have VivExotic vivariums for sale to cater for the housing needs of your exotic pets. Our VivExotic vivariums come in a range of wood finishing and designs to suit your reptile, decor, and space.

Whether you’re looking for a perfect vivarium for your bearded dragon or gecko, you can find housing for your reptile. Regardless of if you are looking for a budget vivarium on sale to keep costs down or you want to go all out, you can find a comfortable home for your pet.

Terrestrial Vivariums

Are you looking for a terrestrial vivarium? Look no further. We provide VivExotic Viva+ terrestrial vivariums to allow you better control the temperature and humidity of your terrestrial reptiles. You can get them in large deep, and large sizes.

Arboreal Vivariums

We provide VivExotic Viva+ and VivExotic Repti-Home arboreal vivariums, which are great for housing arboreal reptile species like snakes and lizards. Take a look at the Viva+ large deep, Viva+ medium, Viva+ small, and Repti-Home AAL-approved for ample space and comfort.

Wooden Vivarium and Cabinet Combo

Taking care of reptiles also means needing extra items to control humidity and temperature, tools for cleaning, and food. Those occupy space, and it helps to have a cabinet close to your vivarium to store them.

Our complete wooden vivarium and cabinet combo match your vivarium to your cabinet for perfectly sized and tidy storage in a compact space. For medium-sized viva+ vivariums, here is a perfect combo offer. Also, there is the large Viva+ combo and large deep viva+ combo. Of course, you can also purchase cabinets separately if you prefer.

You can shop online, and it will be delivered to you in the UK. If you have any questions on our vivarium range, starter kits, foods (frozen or live food), or other products, you can contact us via email at info@evolutionreptiles.co.uk, call us at 01865 372200, or visit our Oxfordshire store.