Vivexotic Repti-Home Medium Vivarium


Made from high-quality wood, the Vivexotic Repti-Home keeps your reptile’s environment well insulated, maintaining the warmth created from your heating equipment and providing an ideal solution for desert reptiles that prefer hot and dry environments.  

If you’re looking for an alternative size or type of wooden vivarium, view our full range of wooden vivariums to find the best housing option for your reptiles needs. 


VivExotic Repti-Home Medium Vivarium for sale

Vivexotic Repti-Home units offer a great value living space for your reptile. These wooden vivariums are incredibly versatile, well made, and are available in a choice of 3 colours: oak, grey or black vivarium.

The Repti-Home medium wooden vivarium measures 862.5mm in width, 375mm in depth and 421mm in height and works well as a stand-alone habitat, but their unique design means you can stack the vivariums in a variety of ways to add to your pet’s home and make the best use of your space.

Medium Vivexotic Repti-Home features:

Units are fitted with sliding glass doors and a clear silicone handle, making it easy to open and close your vivarium, as well as a handy locking hole to make sure your reptile is safe and secure in their home.

Our medium wooden vivarium units provide the ability to create a combination of vivariums to meet your requirements, as well as an easy vent ventilation system at the back of the unit to ensure a steady flow of air throughout each vivarium. We also offer optional, adjustable, silver feet available separately in packs of 2 (PT3969).

Every Repti-Home vivarium comes complete with Improved OneFix connectors which are top quality plastic connectors that combine the housing and the bolt in one single fitting, meaning fewer fittings, quicker assembly and no corrosion! These connectors also ensure your reptile will be in safe and secure hands in their new VivExotic Repti-Home.

Need Help?

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Read our blog Minimum Standards and why we use them.

Additional information

Weight 17.5 kg

Black, Grey, Oak, Walnut


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