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Animal care sheets

Welcome to Evolution Reptiles’ Care Sheets, your go-to resource for comprehensive reptile care information. Our Care Sheets are a treasure trove of knowledge, offering detailed guides on various reptile species, their care requirements, and husbandry practices. Whether you’re a new reptile owner or an experienced enthusiast, our reptile care sheets are designed to empower you with the knowledge needed to provide optimal care for your reptilian, amphibian or invertebrate companions.

General care - Settling in your new pet

So you’ve done your research, you’ve chosen your new pet. You’ve bought the equipment you’ll need, you’ve set it all up and decorated it to your satisfaction. Now is the time to read up on settling in your pet.

Bearded Dragon - Pogona Vitticeps



Mexican Red Knee - Adult -– Brachypelma Smithi


Deroplatys desiccata Dead Leaf Mantis for sale


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