About Pythons (Pythonidae)

Pythons are one of the most sought-after reptiles to keep as pets. They are good-natured creatures, beautiful in colour and patterns are easy to maintain. Their names are based on the type of skin patterns they develop, their patterns alone are one of the biggest factors for keeping pythons as pets.

Pythons are generally housed in large wooden vivariums as it is easier to achieve their heating requirements. They also provide a lot of floor space for pythons to grow out into.

Pythons require a defrosted mouse or rat weekly for younger snakes and fortnightly for mature pythons. The mouse that is fed should be no bigger than the largest part of the snake. Overfeeding can be a problem, if neglected, snakes can suffer from obesity so be careful not to overfeed.

Evolution reptiles stock a wide range of colourful pythons and are available to buy in-store only. Be sure to contact us and one of our experts will provide information on their availability, as well as professional advice for first-time owners.

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