Royal Python

Royal Pythons – Python Regius

Royal Pythons are one of the most popular pet species in the UK because they are gentle and easy to keep. They are beautifully marked and are now being bred in many different colours and patterns. Royal Pythons are sometime referred to as Ball Pythons, when they are scared they will roll into a ball with their head well protected in between its coils. They grow to around 1.2m long and are a heavily built snake, with a very gentle nature.

We are working towards improving the welfare of every pet reptile, which is why our expectations are so much higher than those of some other retailers and breeders. You want a healthy, happy pet and we know that our royal python habitats are a great way to achieve that! Please read our article on minimum standards (see the link in the main description below) to see why our habitats are the most effective on the market.

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Please read about our minimum standards and why we use them – it’s really important!

Housing the Royal Python

We recommend that all pythons are kept in wooden vivariums as they are better insulated than plastic or glass ones. For hatchlings, we recommend a 36-inch long vivarium, then upgrading to a 48-inch or larger vivarium once they reach adulthood.

Feeding the Royal Python

One defrosted mouse or rat should be fed to hatchlings on a weekly basis. When the python has matured, you can then start feeding it fortnightly instead. Any food given to your python should be no bigger than the largest part of the body.

Maintenance the Royal Python

Enclosures should be cleaned regularly, removing any waste as soon as possible. Regularly clean the enclosure, water bowl and all cage furniture with a reptile safe disinfectant.

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