Scorpions: Fascinating Invertebrates

At Evolution Reptiles, we offer a diverse selection of scorpions, perfect for both seasoned enthusiasts and curious beginners.

Why Keep Scorpions?

  1. Fascination: They are mysterious creatures with their armored exoskeletons, pincers, and venomous stingers. Their unique anatomy sets them apart from other arachnids.
  2. Low Maintenance: They require minimal care, making them an excellent choice for busy reptile enthusiasts.
  3. Impressive Size: Emperor Scorpions, in particular, are big and impressive, making them suitable for both first-time keepers and experienced hobbyists.

Scorpions for Sale

Our current stock includes a variety of species, each with its own allure:

  • Emperor Scorpions: These majestic creatures are priced at £99.99. They’re a fantastic choice for beginners and experienced keepers alike.
  • Laos Forest Scorpion: At just £34.99, this species offers a glimpse into the fascinating world of scorpion care.
  • Sumatra Bark Scorpion: Priced at £38.99, these scorpions are captivating additions to any collection.

Scorpions as Pets

  • Care Tips: They thrive in glass or plastic terrariums. Provide hiding spots, substrate, and a shallow water dish.
  • Feeding: They are carnivorous and will tackle prey such as roaches, crickets, and waxworms.
  • Safety Note: While scorpion stings are rarely fatal, it’s essential to research your chosen species thoroughly before bringing one home.

Complete Scorpion Care

At Evolution Reptiles, we go beyond just scorpions. We stock all the essential equipment and food to ensure your scorpions thrive:

  • Terrariums: Choose from glass or plastic terrariums suitable for scorpions of all sizes.
  • Substrate: Create a comfortable environment with the right substrate.
  • Hides and Decor: Provide hiding spots and enrich your scorpion’s habitat.
  • Feeding Supplies: From live insects to specialized scorpion food, we’ve got you covered.

Visit Our Store

Our animals are available for collection in-store at Evolution Reptiles. Speak to our knowledgeable care team or visit us in person to find your new scorpion companion. Call us at 01865 372200 or explore our arachnid section for more fascinating creatures.