Vivexotic Repti-Home AAL Bearded Dragon Vivarium


The Repti-Home Bearded Dragon Vivarium is ideal for housing your bearded dragon, built to conform with the specifications set out by the Animal Activities Licensing (AAL) guidelines. This wooden vivarium is not only longer than the standard Repti-Homes, but also provides more height and depth allowing ample space for your bearded dragon.


VivExotic Repti-Home Bearded Dragon Vivarium for Sale

Made from high-quality wood, the VivExotic bearded dragon vivarium keeps your reptile’s environment well insulated with its 15mm wood boards designed to maintain the warmth produced from your heating equipment, and create the ideal basking temperature for your reptile.

If you’re looking for an alternative size or type of wooden vivarium, view our full range of wooden vivariums to find the best housing option for your reptiles needs.

Bearded Dragon Vivarium Features

VivExotic bearded dragon vivariums offer a great value living space for your reptile. These large vivariums are incredibly versatile, well made, and are available in a choice of 3 colours: an oak, grey or black vivarium. Although designed for Bearded Dragons, these wooden vivariums are suitable for other animals such as Royal Pythons or Blue Tongue Skinks too.

The Repti-Home large vivarium measures 120cm in width, 62.5cm in depth and 62.5cm in height. These wooden vivariums work well as a stand-alone habitat for bearded dragons, but their unique design means you can stack the units in a variety of ways making these great for reptile owners with bigger collections too.

The sleek laminate finish doesn’t only look good, it’s easy to clean, and helps to keep your wooden vivarium safe from moisture. If you plan to use this wooden vivarium for more tropical animals, we recommend applying a pet-friendly sealant along the joints of your unit.


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Read our blog Minimum Standards and why we use them.

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Beech, Oak, Walnut, Black, Grey