Blue Tongue Skink

Although some blue tongue skinks can be shy, once they have got used to you they are as friendly and handleable as a bearded dragon. A much underrated species that makes an excellent pet.

We are working towards improving the welfare of every pet reptile, which is why our expectations are so much higher than those of some other retailers and breeders. You want a healthy, happy pet and we know that our skink habitats are a great way to achieve that! Please read our article on minimum standards (see the link in the main description below) to see why our habitats are the most effective on the market.

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Please read about our minimum standards and why we use them – it’s really important!

Unlike the Australian species of blue tongue skink which are arid habitat dwellers, the Indonesian blue tongue is a forest floor dweller. A large, robust lizard which can reach a total length of 45cm the blue tongue is a great generalist when it comes to diet, being happy to consume insects, salad, flowers, snails and a small amount of fruit. Care should be taken that they do not become obese, as they are always on the lookout for their next meal.

Allow a large vivarium, a bright basking spot and a good source of UV, and a blue tongue will be part of the family for many years.

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