Green Bottle Blue Tarantula

Green Bottle Blue Tarantulas are a fast but non-aggressive species. One of the most colourful species available today and an enthusiastic webber, making for quite the display.

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Understandably one of the most popular tarantula species to keep due to its unique, vibrant colours. It is also very popular as, despite being flighty and fast, it is fairly easy to care for so would make a perfect addition to a tarantula collection for beginner-intermediate keepers. The Green Bottle Blue prefers a dryer environment so we recommend a humidity of 50-60% and a temperature of 22-26ºC. They are a terrestrial species and will make burrows so it is important to provide them with a deep substrate and a few hides to help them get started. Like many tarantula species, females will live longer, having a lifespan of 13-14 years. Males have an average lifespan of 3-5 years. Both will reach a leg span of about 16cm. The Green Bottle Blue will get the majority of its water from its diet of insects such as crickets, locusts, roaches and worms, but it is good to provide them with a water bowl so they have the option to drink if they wish to.

The Green Bottle Blue is unique as it is the only species in its genus! This is known as monotypic and makes these charming spiders even more special.

  • Common name: Green Bottle Blue
  • Scientific Name: Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens
  • Location: Venezuela
  • Habitat (wild): Arid grasslands and woodlands
  • Captive environment: Spacious glass, plastic or acrylic terrestrial enclosure
  • Preferred temperature range: 22ºC to 26ºC
  • Preferred Humidity Range: 50-60%
  • Leg span: 16cm
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