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The VivExotic Repti-Home AAL small oak wooden vivarium provides a great value home for your reptile. It conforms with the AAL (animal activities licensing) regulations and is designed with your animal in mind.

This Vivexotic AAL small wooden vivarium can work for many different types of invertebrates and can also be used to temporarily house young terrestrial geckos. Measuring 12 × 67 × 44 cm, it is suitable for small reptiles only. For bigger reptiles, view our wooden vivarium range.

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Small Vivexotic AAL Vivarium Features

Currently only available in Oak, the small Vivexotic AAL wooden vivarium is suitable for small reptiles and those that do not need additional heating to be comfortable.

A vivarium of this size can be more difficult to get a good temperature gradient and wouldn’t be safe for animals that have a high ambient temperature or those that will be more comfortable with lights and other alternative heating.

Nevertheless, the VivExotic Repti-home small AAL wooden vivarium is perfect for reptiles that need a small space for comfort and situations such as catching live food to eat easily.

The 15mm thick wooden boards provide good insulation whereas the vents and glass doors allow for some of the heat to escape.

Order online to get it shipped to you in the UK, Scotland, the Highlands and the Isle of Man.

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Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 12 × 67 × 44 cm


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