VivExotic Viva+ Medium Terrestrial Vivarium

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The Vivexotic Medium Terrestrial Wooden Vivarium is ideal for housing reptiles such as a Leopard Gecko or a young Corn Snake or Royal (Ball) Python.

At 86.5cm in length, 49cm in width and a 50cm height, this medium wooden vivarium gives reptiles ample room to feel comfortable, and space to explore their home. The size of the Vivexotic vivarium also helps us to provide a temperature gradient that we need for the welfare of your pet.

The Viva+ range offers improved security and ventilation, with the medium vivarium boasting glass sliding doors that are pre-drilled and come with a plastic ‘Slide-Stopper’ door plug.

The slide-stopper included helps prevent unexpected escape attempts and gives you the control you need to safely look after your pet.

The VivExotic Viva+ Medium Terrestrial Vivarium can also be paired with a medium vivarium cabinet to form a complete vivarium and cabinet unit.

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Vivexotic Repti-Home units offer a great value living space for your reptile. These medium wooden vivariums are incredibly versatile, well made, and are available in a choice of 4 colours: oak, walnut, grey or black vivarium. 

Medium Terrestrial Vivarium Features

It is easy to fit lighting and heating to this Viva+ medium wooden vivarium thanks to the “EasyVent” which is designed to allow a plug to pass through the vent hole, and the vent cover has slots for the cables to fit through. 

The vivarium also has additional ventilation built into the aluminium door rails, with the front slider featuring a line of Front Flow vents, designed to be resistant to substrate clogging and allow cool air to flow easily into the vivarium. 

The glass sliding doors are pre-drilled and come with a plastic ‘Slide Stopper’ door plug to prevent escapes. A sliding glass door lock is available separately if you would like extra peace of mind or have younger family members who may open the vivarium.

VivExotic Wooden Vivariums for Sale

VivExotic is the UK’s best selling range of wooden vivariums. Their goal is to provide a product that fully meets your pet’s welfare needs whilst looking great in your home.

The entire range has now been re-launched, featuring drop dead looks and supreme practicality. The range incorporates clever design features to ensure all wooden vivariums are easy to assemble and easy to use and are available in a range of sizes and stylish finishes to coordinate with your existing home décor.

All Vivexotic vivariums are manufactured in the UK to the highest standards. Every vivarium uses toughened glass for safety and all timber is sourced from recycled sources or FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) sustainable forests.


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Weight 22.9 kg

Grey, Oak, Walnut


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