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VivExotic Viva+ Arboreal Wooden Vivariums are ideal for reptiles that like to climb like the Crested Geckos, some Chameleon Species, and some arboreal species. This medium-sized wooden vivarium offers plenty of height and width for reptiles to explore. Its height is an impressive 91.5cm and its width is 86cm.

The medium arboreal wooden vivarium allows for easy change of cables without removing the top lid or dealing with wires due to its “Easyvent” feature with small indentations to keep wires in place and make for smooth cable management.

The VivExotic medium wooden vivarium is a comfortable and quality home for your reptile. It is well ventilated from the front and rear to keep excess heat out while providing tight security to keep your pet from escaping.

You can pair the wooden vivarium with a medium vivarium cabinet for easy access to the vivarium and storage space for your supplies and accessories. The VivExotic Viva+ Medium Arboreal Vivarium can also come in a vivarium kit and reptile set-up fit with all necessary accessories for your reptile.

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Medium Arboreal Vivarium Features

The VivExoctic Viva+ Medium Arboreal Wooden Vivarium is a great value home for your reptile. It measures 86cm in width, 91.5cm in height, and 49cm in-depth to give you a lot of space to have climbing structures and optimum distance from the UV lighting to keep your reptile comfortable and entertained.

This wooden vivarium is the ultimate comfort zone with adequate ventilation from a full length of front aluminium door rails and rear vents.

The unique design comes finished with a set of lockable viva glass sliding doors to keep your reptile in and heat out. The security is further improved with a plastic ‘slidestopper’ door plug. You can get a custom-designed metal lock separately if you want extra security for any reason.
The VivExoctic wooden vivarium is available in four colours: black, grey, oak, and walnut for a sleek modern finish to suit your style and decor.

Additional information

Weight 35 kg

Black, Grey, Oak, Walnut


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