Arcadia UV Basking Lamp -2nd Generation


  • Simple to use
  • Provides basking heat
  • Provides UVB
  • Ideal for tortoises in open topped enclosures
  • Do not use with a thermostat
  • Alternative to using separate UVB tube and basking lamp
  • Replace yearly
  • Guaranteed for six months
  • Do not use in an enclosed vivarium
  • Standard E27 fitting, will fit most dome lamps


The Arcadia 2nd Generation UV Basking Lamp is a mercury vapour lamp that produces heat and UV light. They are ideal for all species of tortoise that live within a large, open topped table or enclosure.

Installation and care of the D3 Basking Lamp

The D3 Basking lamp is designed for use above large well-ventilated vivaria and open topped tortoise tables. We suggest a minimum width of 60cm (24“) and length of 100 – 120cm (36” – 48“) to ensure there is an adequate temperature gradient and cool area away from the lamp.

To ensure safe UV exposure, the MINIMUM distance from lamp to reptile is 30cm (12“) [160W], 20cm (8”) [100W]. Given that many basking species require a raised basking zone (a shelf, rock or branch), in practice this means that the minimum height for the vivarium is likely to be around 50 – 60cm (20” – 24“).

Only use with an appropriately rated fixture or luminaire with ceramic lamp holder

Ensure the luminaire or fixture containing the lamp is securely fixed and cannot come in to contact with flammable materials. The chosen location for the lamp needs to be well ventilated, as a build up of excessive heat or humidity will shorten lamp life and void the warranty.

Keep the lamp away from water spray or mist

Avoid knocks and vibration to the lamp, particularly when the lamp is illuminated, as the lamp elements are easily damaged and frequent vibration may shorten lamp life.

For long operational life orient the lamp pointing straight downwards. Operating the lamp if it is tilted beyond 20 degrees from the vertical will severely shorten its life and void the warranty.

This lamp is not suitable for use with dimming controls or thermostats. It can be used with a safety thermal cut out (which switches the lamp off until reset manually, if the vivarium exceeds a designated temperature), but regular switching will shorten lamp life. Remember that the lamp will take up to 15 minutes to re-light after switching off.

Operating the D3 Basking Lamp

The lamp will take 5 minutes to get to its normal operating condition. While it is ‘warming up’ the lamp may appear to flicker or change colour as the different elements in the lamp reach their
operating temperature – this is normal.

Once lit, if the lamp is turned off (even briefly) it must cool down before it will re-light. If the power remains switched on, it will re-ignite spontaneously as soon as it is cool enough. This can take 10 – 15 minutes; this is normal.

The lamp is rated for 230-240 Volts AC at 50Hz. Attempting to operate the lamp at a different voltage or frequency will void the warranty.

As with all reptile lamps, the amount of UV light emitted by the D3 Basking Lamp will decrease over time. It is important to check the UV levels emitted by the lamp periodically to ensure your animal receives sufficient UVA and UVB exposure. If you do not have access to a UVB meter to ascertain when the lamp is approaching the end of its useful life, then you should replace the lamp every 12 months to ensure your animal continues to receive enough UV.

Additional information

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100W, 160W, 80W


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