Lucky Reptile Bright Sun FLOOD Jungle 70W


  • UVA, UVB, infra red heat and visible light all in one lamp
  • Low wattage, high output
  • A wider spread of heat and light for forest dwellers
  • Can be combined with deep heat projectors for a complete heating and lighting plan
  • Warmer colour spectrum especially designed for forest species
  • Ballast required
  • Cannot be used with a thermostat
  • Best used above the mesh of a forest and/or arboreal terrarium

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Thanks to its wide reflector the Bright Sun FLOOD ensures a large scale illumination of your terrarium and has a lower UV and light output compared to a Bright Sun UV.

For a lot of forest dwelling reptiles this is an advantage as many avoid direct sunlight. Most chameleons for example belong to this group. For these animals the Bright Sun FLOOD Jungle is the perfect lighting and can be used a sole lamp as these species do also have lower UV requirements.

For sun loving animals like Green Iguanas we recommend the combination with the Bright Sun UV Jungle to create local basking sites. Combine with deep heat projectors to create the perfect habitat.

Ballast necessary!

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Dimensions 16 × 16 × 18 cm


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