Microclimate Ultra Fast Fuse Pack (5)


  • Replacement fuses for Microclimate thermostats
  • Protects main motherboard
  • Used in all Microclimate thermostats manufactured after 2014
  • Quick, simple and safe to change

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Ultra Fast Fuse Pack

Your thermostat is a vital piece of equipment for maintaining your reptiles environment.

To protect against faults that can occur from devices connected to your thermostat we have built in an Ultra fast protection fuse to the thermostat. Which protects any channel that has the ability to use dimming or pulse control. Its essential to make sure that only genuine fuses are used as the fuses have a special FF rating to ensure they can react in lighting fast speeds to protect your thermostat. Not to be confused with standard fast-blow fuses fitted to some thermostat brands, these ultra-fast fuses operate fast enough to protect thermostats against large electrical spikes that can occur especially when an incandescent lamp fails.

Sometimes bulb holders can become worn out causing the metal contact of the bulb holder to not grip the bulb tightly. This can cause arcing between the bulb and the bulb holder which in turn can damage the thermostat. The bulb holder is quite often the source of a fuse blowing.

Another cause of a fuse blowing is a bulb that is dragging its filament especially when it blows. This can cause a huge surge to be pulled through from the mains.

Suitable for Microclimate B Series, OLED, EVO, Prime & EVO Connected Thermostats manufactured after January 2014.

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Dimensions 13 × 7 × 2 cm


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