Arcadia Lamp Guard Pro


The Arcadia Lamp Guard Pro is an easy to use UV lamp caging system designed to protect animals.  Coated and rust-free, the Arcadia Lamp Guard Pro allows 85% of the total light energy to pass through the mesh.

4 hinged brackets (2 on each side) allow simple installation and easy access when time comes to replace the UV tube. With multiple cable ingress points, the Lamp Guard Pro can be used with T8, T5 and Pro T5 UV-B units

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Available in these 5 sizes:
51cm (20″)
66cm (26″)
81cm (32″)
96cm (38″)
126cm (50″)

It is vital that we offer our animals protection from all potential sources of harm. This guard will not only protect your animals from touching, or in the case of snakes, small lizards, frogs and inverts coiling around or sitting on a hot lamp, but it also helps guide electrical cables away from the lamp where they can be secured out of harm’s way.

Care instructions: Wipe down, as and when required, as part of your monthly care routine, to help ensure as much light as possible passes through the mesh and onto the animals.

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126cm (50"), 51cm (20"), 66cm (26"), 81cm (32"), 96cm (38")


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