Arcadia ShadeDweller ProT5 UVB Kit 7%UVB


  • Perfect for providing low levels of UVB
  • Sleek, stylish unit
  • Can be linked to other ProT5 units or Jungle Dawn LED bars
  • Versatile and easy to use
  • Built in, removeable reflector
  • T5 7% UVB tube included in kit
  • Flicker free operation


Correct levels of UV energy

ShadeDweller 7% UV-B has been thoughtfully designed around the needs of crepuscular species such as leopard geckos where the distance to basking is around 12” 30cm. In this way this easy to use fitting will allow the animal to obtain essential UV energy in a safe and effective way.

For those of us that keep these species in smaller or more shallow enclosures where obtaining the optimal distance to basking of 8-12” 20/30cm is not possible, and for those that keep crepuscular Arboreal species and choose to decorate to the top of the cage then the ShadeDweller-Arboreal fitting could be the better choice.

As always as keepers we must ensure that we provide energy towards the developed needs of a species in a safe and effective way whilst minimising the risks of both over or under exposure.

This easy to use professional lighting kit can be easily fitted into a wooden vivarium with the fitting kit that is included, or, it can placed above the mesh of a glass vivarium for climbing species such as Crested geckos where the suggested distance to basking is available.

Allowing species to self-regulate

The ShadeDweller ProT5 kit will help you to provide adequate levels of essential UV energy beneath the lighting kit and over a targeted area. This will allow you as the keeper to provide targeted areas of light and shade in which your animal can self-regulate within standard sized enclosures. ShadeDweller ProT5 is fast start and ‘flicker-free’.

For far too long Crepuscular animals such as Leopard Geckos have not had dedicated lighting systems, ShadeDweller™ by Arcadia Reptile seeks to right this wrong. Partner ShadeDweller products up with the Arcadia Reptile ‘Deep Heat Projector’®,or Halogen Flood lamp for the most usable and effective source of Bioavailable heat.

Perfect for species

ShadeDwellerProT5 is the perfect choice for the following species living in larger enclosures that provide a greater distance between the lamp and the animal at the basking point, this typically being 8-12” 20-30cm:

  • Leopard Geckos
  • Crested Geckos
  • Day Geckos (small)
  • Amphibians
  • Inverts
  • Hatchling Snakes

Create bespoke systems

Pair ShadeDwellerPro or ShadeDwellerPro-Arboreal with Genuine Arcadia Reptile JungleDawn-LED Bar for increased visible light and high PAR levels which will ensure fantastic plant growth. ShadeDweller, ProT5 and JungleDawn-LED Bar should be provided alongside a thermostatically controlled heat source.

Ultra Violet Index

Height 6% UV-B 12% UV-B 14% UV-B
300mm / 12″ 4.50 8.50 10.50
380mm / 15″ 3.60 6.50 7.00
500mm / 20″ 2.50 3.80 4.60
600mm / 24″ 1.20 2.40 3.20

UVI measurements taken at the very centre of the strongest point using a solar meter 6.5.

Minimum distance from lamp to reptile is 250mm/10”.

Additional information

Weight .480 kg
Dimensions 55 × 7 × 5 cm


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