Exo Terra Dinosaur Egg Hide + Dish


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Dinosaurs ruled the earth for more than 140 million years and are considered to be the ancestors of today’s reptiles and birds. The Exo Terra Dinosaur World hide out series are extremely realistic and adds a prehistoric accent to any type of terrarium; desert, rainforest or aquatic. The new hide outs have been designed with multiple entrances for easy access and adds an extra dimension to the terrarium setup. This fossil hide-out offers a safe spot to hide and sleep, while the moist microclimate will support thermo-regulation and hydration, and aid the natural shedding process of reptiles.The perfect hiding place for your pet! KEY FEATURES Realistic fossilised eggs Integrates in any type of terrarium Provides a secure hiding place Helps to prevent stress Made from food-grade resin

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Dimensions 13 × 18 × 15 cm