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Wax worms soft bodied and are a great treat for many species of lizards. They are the larvae of the wax moth, these can also be used as livefood.


Wax worms soft bodied and are a great treat for many species of lizards, bearded dragons and leopard geckos love them! They are the larvae of the wax moth, these moths can also be used as a live food.

Typical Nutritional values of wax worms

  • Moisture 65.1%
  • Fat 15.5%
  • Calcium 0.04%
  • Protein 15.5%
  • Ca:P Ratio 0.19

Caring for wax worms

When wax worms arrive they don’t require any further feeding. They are at the stage where they are surviving off their body fat before they turn to moths.  They are best kept in the tub that they arrive. When kept at room temperature they will start to turn to moths after about 2 weeks, if you keep them in a fridge this slows down the process so they will last 3-4 weeks.


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