Large Locusts 20-35mm


Large locusts are great for juvenile Bearded Dragons, Leopard Geckos and Crested Geckos. 20-35mm. Size 4

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ProRep Calci Dust

ProRep Calci Dust is a supplement for reptiles and amphibians.

It is made from 100% natural calcium carbonate with no additives and is an excellent way to provide essential calcium and avoid deficiency diseases. It's micro-fine particle size ensures excellent adhesion to both live insects and plant material.

To supplement vegetable matter for tortoises and other herbivorous reptiles simply sprinkle over food immediately before feeding.

To supplement insects place a small amount in a plastic bag with the insects and shake gently.


Large Locusts are suitable for lizards of 12-14cm SVL (snout vent length) – Leopard geckos, rankins dragons crested geckos, young bearded dragons.

Locusts are the most popular species of livefood in the UK. This is due to the facts that they are easier to handle than crickets and most species of lizard are very keen to eat them. Our locusts come in a range of sizes from hatchlings (5-10mm long) which are great for young chameleons, small geckos and very young bearded dragons Right up to adult locusts (60-80mm) which adult bearded dragons, water dragons and panther chameleons love!

Our livefoods are bred at the UK’s leading insect producer who have over 25 years experience in breeding bugs.

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How are the locusts packed?

The pre-packs and super-packs come in vented tubs with egg carton to increase the surface area of the tub. We give some bug grub to the locusts to feed on. The 50 and 100 packs come in woven plastic sacks (breathable) with egg carton and some bug grub. They are well fed, but gut load them before you use them for the best results.


Caring for locusts and gut loading

For the best result move the locusts into a well ventilated container such as a large faunarium. Feed the locusts with an insect food and vegetables such as spring greens or kale. They will need to kept at around 25c. Read more

Remember to also use a vitamin/mineral supplement and calcium supplement on the locusts when you feed your pet.


Typical nutritional values 

  • Moisture   73.2%
  • Fat  5.8%
  • Calcium 0.04%
  • Protein 15.9
  • Ca:P Ratio 0.19

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