Premium Live Reptile Food for Optimal Nutrition

Welcome to Evolution Reptiles, your trusted source for premium live locusts, a vital component of a balanced reptile diet. We understand the importance of providing high-quality and nutritious food to support the health and vitality of your reptilian companions. Our selection of live locusts ensures that your reptiles receive optimal nutrition, promoting their overall well-being and longevity.

Nutrient-Rich Live Reptile Food:

Our live locusts are an excellent source of essential nutrients for reptiles. Packed with protein, vitamins, and minerals, locusts offer a balanced diet that mimics the natural feeding habits of reptiles. The high protein content supports healthy growth and development, while the varied nutrient profile contributes to strong immune function and vibrant skin and scales. By incorporating live locusts into your reptile’s diet, you provide them with the necessary nutrition for a thriving and energetic lifestyle.

Wide Range of sizes:

Whether you have a bearded dragon, leopard gecko, or chameleon, our selection includes locusts of different sizes to match the appetite and size of your pets. We ensure that our insects are bred in a controlled environment, free from pesticides and harmful chemicals, to guarantee their quality and safety for consumption.

Comprehensive Care Sheets:

To help you provide the best care for your reptiles and understand the proper use of livefoods, we offer comprehensive care sheets on keeping and using livefoods. Our care sheets provide valuable information on the nutritional requirements of reptiles, feeding guidelines, and tips for incorporating live locusts into their diet. By following our care sheets, you can ensure that your reptiles receive the appropriate livefoods and maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Click here

Promote Natural Feeding Behaviors:

Live locusts not only provide essential nutrients but also promote natural feeding behaviors in reptiles. The active movements of insect mimic the movements of prey in the wild, triggering your reptile’s instinct to hunt and capture their food. This stimulation encourages exercise, mental engagement, and overall well-being.


Ensure the optimal nutrition and well-being of your reptiles with our premium live locusts. Evolution Reptiles offers a wide selection of high-quality locusts, rich in essential nutrients, to support the health and vitality of your beloved reptilian companions. Explore our range of live locusts and learn more about keeping and using livefoods in our comprehensive care sheets. Shop now and provide your reptiles with the nutrition they need for a vibrant and thriving life. Visit our care sheets [here] for more information.