Micro Silent Crickets Subscription 1-3mm

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Commonly used livefood, a very active species. 2-3mm long



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Silent Crickets are soft bodied, palatable and enjoyed by a wide range of species. They are available in a variety of sizes from micro at about 2-3mm up to XL crickets at about 30mm.

They are a popular food for many species from frogs, geckos and bearded dragons, to spiders and other invertebrates.


How they come

The pre packs come with some bug grub packed into vented tubs with egg carton to increase the surface area of the tub. The 500 and 1000 packs come in woven plastic sacks (breathable) with egg carton and some bug grub.


Caring for Crickets and gut loading

For the best result move the crickets into a well ventilated container such as a Livefood care kit and feed with an insect food and vegetables such as raw carrot. They will need to kept between 20c and 25c and will benefit from plenty of hiding spaces.


Silent cricket  typical nutritional values

  • Moisture   68.8%
  • Fat  9.3%
  • Calcium 0.17%
  • Protein 16.4%
  • Ca:P Ratio 0.77

What is a cricket subscription?

You can set up an order to be sent to you automatically on a weekly, fortnightly, 3 weekly or monthly basis.

It is very easy to set up a subscription,  select the type and size of the livefood you would like and in the drop down menu on the product page you will be able to select the quantity of food and how often you would like your order and follow through the checkout process.

Once set up you will be charge automatically and the order will be dispatched. We don’t store any card data, the payments are all done through Stripe certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1, the most stringent level of certification or PayPal .

If you need to change your order, just log in to the website go to your account.

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