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Livefood Size Guide

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Livefood Size Guide


Ordering the correct size livefood can be tricky, here is a quick guide to the sizes that we offer at Evolution Reptiles. 

Tiny Livefoods Lizards less than 4cm SVL (Snout to Vent Length = Length of lizard excluding the tail). Hatchling mourning gecko, newly hatched panther chameleon, dart frogs, spiderlings

Very Small Livefoods Lizards of 4-6cm SVL- Mourning gecko, hatchling leopard gecko, hatchling bearded dragon, 1-2cm spiderling

Small livefoods  – Lizards of 6-8cm SVL – Hatchling leopard gecko, hatchling bearded dragon, 2-3cm spiderling

Medium Livefoods – 10-12cm SVL- Leopard geckos, fat tailed geckos

Large Livefoods – 12-14cm SVL – Leopard geckos, rankins dragons crested geckos

XL Livefoods – 14cm SVL or larger – bearded dragons, frilled dragons, yemen chameleons, panther chameleons

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