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Trans Pecos Rat Snake

Trans Pecos Rat Snake

Trans Pecos Rat Snake

Found in dry areas of the American South-West, the Trans Pecos rat snake can reach up to 5 feet and live an average of 10 to 15 years.

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  • Origin: North America
  • Temperament: Good-tempered
  • Housing: Wooden vivarium
  • Diet: Defrosted rodents

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Feeding the Trans Pecos Rat Snake

Feed your snake once a week with a frozen rodent defrosted overnight in a fridge then brought to room temperature. Prey should be no larger than the thickest part of the snakes body, and can be offered either on tongs or left in the vivarium for the snake to find.

Housing the Trans Pecos Rat Snake

A hatchling rat snake will be quite happy in a 90cm vivarium, but should be upgraded to at least a 120cm as it grows. These snakes can be shy and enjoy climbing, so should be provided with plenty of hides appropriate for the snakes size as well as suitable branches for climbing. Ensure that the vivarium is kept clean by removing solid waste as soon as possible, and regularly clean water bowls and decor with a reptile safe disinfectant.

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