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Amber Corn Snake

Amber Corn Snake

Corn Snakes are one of the most popular pet reptile species in the UK. This is because they have lovely natures, are easy to handle and very easy to keep. They are beautifully marked and are now being bred in many different colours and patterns.

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  • Origin: North America
  • Temperament: Good-tempered
  • Housing: Wooden vivarium
  • Diet: Defrosted mice

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Feed your corn snake one defrosted mouse or rat a week, no larger than the widest part of the body. Once they reach maturity they can be fed every other week, and can be offered small rats, chicks, and other species that are the appropriate size. Ensure that all frozen prey items are thoroughly defrosted in a fridge overnight, then brought up to room temperature before being offered to the snake. Prey can either be offered on tongs, or left in the vivarium for the snake to find.



Creating a suitable environment is critical for the well being of your snake.

A hatchling corn snake should be housed in a minimum of a 90cm vivarium, upgrading to a 120cm once they reach maturity. Lots of hides should be provided for the snake to feel safe, as well as a moss filled hide to aid shedding, and a water bowl large enough for the snake to soak in if it feels like it. Make sure that waste is removed as soon as possible, and that the vivarium, decor, and water bowl are cleaned regularly with a reptile safe disinfectant.


Corn snakes are to be kept in wooden vivariums. This is because they are better insulated than glass or plastic vivariums. It is important to clean the housing at least once a month, disinfecting the vivarium and decor within it with reptile safe disinfectant.


Feed your corn snake one defrosted mouse per week. As they get older and mature into adulthood, you can then begin to feed them larger mice on a fortnightly basis.

Provide fresh water for your snake on a daily basis.

Interested in this animal? Speak to our friendly care team or visit us in store.
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