Brazilian Rainbow Boa

Brazilian Rainbow Boas are considered to be one of the most attractive snakes out there. Their eye-catching, intense skin patterns make them one of the most popular snakes to keep as pets. They can reach up to 5-6 feet and have a lifespan of around 20 years.

We are working towards improving the welfare of every pet reptile, which is why our expectations are so much higher than those of some other retailers and breeders. You want a healthy, happy pet and we know that our rainbow boa habitats are a great way to achieve that! Please read our article on minimum standards (see the link in the main description below) to see why our habitats are the most effective on the market.

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Please read about our minimum standards and why we use them – it’s really important!

Caring for Your Rainbow Boa

For first time owners we have provided a quick guide on the essential care tips for Rainbow Boas.

Feeding the Brazilian Rainbow Boa

Feed your Boa one defrosted rat or mouse once a week. Once they reach maturity, you can then begin to feed it on a fortnightly basis. Ensure that you defrost food in a refrigerator overnight and allow it to reach room temperature. You can either leave it in the enclosure near to your Boa or feed it using tongs or tweezers. Many Boas appreciate the inclusion of birds in their diet, which can be met with quails or chicks.

Housing the Brazilian Rainbow Boa

Creating a suitable environment is critical for the well being of your snake.

It is recommended that all Boas be kept in a wooden vivarium due to insulation needs. A newly born Boa requires a 90cm long or larger vivarium, which can then be upgraded to minimum of 120cm once they reach adulthood. Ensure that you regularly clean the enclosure, removing waste as soon as possible and disinfecting water bowls and decor with reptile safe disinfectant spray. Rainbow Boas like very high humidity, which can be achieved with either regular spraying of the whole enclosure, or provision of a hide filled with wet sphagnum moss.

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