Mourning Gecko

Many of our mourning geckos are bred in our shop in Kidlington, Oxfordshire. Only available in store – we do not courier animals.

Mourning geckos are a small species that thrives in a Bio-Active terrarium.

We are working towards improving the welfare of every pet reptile, which is why our expectations are so much higher than those of some other retailers and breeders. You want a healthy, happy pet and we know that our gecko habitats are a great way to achieve that! Please read our article on minimum standards (see the link in the main description below) to see why our habitats are the most effective on the market.

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Please read our article on minimum standards – it’s very important!

Also known as the common smooth scaled gecko, the mourning gecko is a delightful little species of gecko with some very interesting habits!

They are parthenogenic, which means that they lay fertile eggs without needing a male to be involved.

Mourning Gecko care

Mourning geckos are very small (and very fast!) so they’re not really suitable for handling, although some people have managed to get them hand tame.

Mourning Gecko setup

Where these little geckos really stand out is as inhabitants of a heavily planted bio-active vivarium; they dart in and out of the plants, display and call to each other, and are generally very entertaining to watch.

Heavily planted enclosures are ideal because they need high levels of humidity and the plants provide shelter as well as a climbing structure. Rocks, barkbranches and other decorations can also be used in their enclosure.

With the high levels of humidity, an ideal temperature for the daytime is anywhere between 77-82 degrees Fahrenheit, a thermostat is important to carefully monitor the temperature. Small basking lights can be used in order to provide a temperature gradient allowing the geckos to cool down in the cooler end of the enclosure. The warm end of the temperature gradient should not exceed 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Mourning Gecko diet

They are easy to keep, they can live quite happily on the crested gecko food mix although they do appreciate some livefood.

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