East Indian Leopard Gecko

Very unusual in captivity, this species is very similar to its cousin (the common leopard gecko) but has very slightly different care requirements. More of a forest edge and savannah species, this pretty little gecko makes an unusual, if rather shy, pet.

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Please read our article on minimum standards – it’s very important!

A slightly different patterning is the first noticeable difference between these geckos and the commoner leopard gecko. They do require slightly different care, being more of a grassland and forest edge species they appreciate a higher humidity, although temperature and other care requirements are still the same. As babies they are a dark velvety brown – almost black – with yellow bands, and as they grow they lighten to a warm chocolate brown with yellow and cream bands, with some speckling on the legs and tail.

They are a rather shy species, but if introduced to it carefully they can be handled. The babies are nervous and quick, but not aggressive. A lovely species for the keeper who wants something a little different.

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