Fire Skink

The fire skink is a medium sized lizard renowned for its bright colours.

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Please read about our minimum standards and why we use them – it’s really important!

They are found in tropical West Africa, in woodlands, forests, and other densely vegetated areas. Like most skinks, they are a stocky lizard with short legs, a long tail, and hard shiny skin; they are also very brightly coloured, with a gold or bronze back, bright red sides barred with black and white, and as babies their tails are electric blue with a black pattern.

Fire Skink Characteristics

Often regarded as shy, once they settle in to their new home they will often pop out to see what’s going on when they hear a noise outside their vivarium. They do like to bury themselves, so a good deep substrate consisting of loose coir and wood chips works very well, especially if there is a good layer of leaf litter over the top. They are an excellent subject for a bio-active vivarium!

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