Yemen Chameleon

All of our Yemen Chameleon are based in our shop in Kidlington, Oxfordshire.

Yemen Chameleons are a great pet for first-time chameleon keepers as their ideal conditions are easier to achieve.

We are working towards improving the welfare of every pet reptile, which is why our expectations are so much higher than those of some other retailers and breeders. You want a healthy, happy pet and we know that our chameleon habitats are a great way to achieve that! Please read our article on minimum standards (see the link in the main description below) to see why our habitats are the most effective on the market.

Our animals are only available for collection in store. Speak to our care team, or visit us in-store to purchase your new pet.

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Please read about our minimum standards and why we use them – it’s really important!

This species has always been recommended for first-time chameleon keepers as it was the toughest chameleon around.

Where is the Yemen Chameleon from?

Yemen Chameleons come from the Arabian peninsula, being found mainly in the Yemen and Saudi Arabia. Their natural habitat means that they are also more tolerant of low humidity.

Yemen Chameleon Diet

Yemen chameleons have a mainly insectivorous diet. They will eat crickets, locusts, mealworms, and wax worms. Crickets and locusts form the basis of their diet as they are lower in fat than wax worms and easier to digest than mealworms. it’s important to supplement your chameleon’s diet with vitamin powders to prevent problems such as Metabolic Bone Disease.

How should I keep my Yemen Chameleon?

Yemen Chameleons are large and active, so require a large vivarium, a minimum size of 90 x 90 x 60 cm (Length x height x depth) (36x36x24”).

A wooden Vivarium is better as they provide greater insulation than glass or plastic tanks, so heating is easier to maintain. They also offer more privacy for your chameleon.

Temperature is very important in caring for your Yemen chameleon as they cannot produce their own body heat. These temperatures can be achieved by using basking lamps using a thermostat to control them.

One of the larger species in the hobby, they are not always the friendliest; however, it is possible to make friends with them although they are probably better kept as a ‘look don’t touch’ pet. Another excellent choice for those new to chameleon keeping, although they do need a fair bit of space.

Interested in this animal? Speak to our friendly care team or visit us in store.
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