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Rankins Dragon

Rankins Dragon

Similar to Bearded Dragons but smaller

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  • Origin: Queensland area of Australia
  • Size: Rarely exceeds 30cm
  • Food: Live food and fresh leaves
  • Temperament: Shy

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Very similar to the beardie but considerably smaller, the Rankin’s dragon (also known as Lawson’s or pygmy dragon) rarely exceeds 30cm (12″) in total length. In the wild they are found in the Queensland area of Australia, and were only recognised as a species in 1985, despite having been known to herpetologists for far longer.

Rankins Dragon Characteristics

Omnivorous like its larger cousin, they will take a wide range of foods both live and leafy. Whereas the bearded dragon is bold and confident from the moment it steps out of its egg, the Rankin’s is a little shyer and can take rather longer to settle into a new home. That said, once settled they are as friendly as a beardie, and just as rewarding a pet.

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