Wandering Violin Mantis

These are an impressive species of large mantis that can be kept communally

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These are an impressive species of large mantis. In order to produce the temperatures they require, it’s best to use overhead heat from a mini halogen or deep heat projector/ceramic heater on a thermostat, which also has the side benefit of keeping humidity low. They appreciate humidity under 40%, but as long as it doesn’t go too much higher they can tolerate it. It’s a good idea to put mesh on the sides of their enclosure to ensure good cross ventilation. It also helps them to move around their enclosure, as they cannot climb glass.


Unlike most forest species, these mantis do not need to be sprayed until they are sub-adult to adult, and then they should be only sprayed lightly every 2 – 3 days. 


These mantis can be housed communally.

Other names: Violin Mantis,  Indian Rose Mantis,

Scientific Name: Gongylus gongylodes

From: India

Size: Female to 10cm, male to 8cm

Preferred Temperature: 35ºC during the day, can drop to 22ºC or slightly lower at night

Diet: Fruit flies, soldier flies, green/blue bottles

Lifespan: Females to 18 months, males to 1 year

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