Devil’s Flower Mantis

Devils flower mantis grow to an impressive size, 10 -11cm!

They need to be kept very hot and dry.

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Keep dry and hot until sub-adult, and even then mist lightly and infrequently. Make very sure that their housing is tall (60cm for adults) and well ventilated, and remember that they cannot climb glass, and seem to become distressed if they cannot climb the walls. It’s worth making sure that they have plenty of walkways, or even attaching mesh to the inside of a glass walled enclosure to keep them happy.

Scientific Name: Idolomantis diabolica

From: Ethiopia, Somalia, Tanzania, Kenya

Size: Female to 11cm, male to 10cm

Preferred Temperature: 35ºC during the day, can drop to 22ºC or slightly lower at night

Humidity: 40%

Diet: Fruit flies, soldier flies, green/blue bottles

Lifespan: Females to 18 months, males to 1 year

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