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Golden Tree Frog

Golden Tree Frog

Polypedates Leucomystax

A large, robust treefrog found throughout the tropics, the scientific name actually refers to a group of closely related species. Simple to keep, they appreciate plenty of space.

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  • Origin: Indonesia
  • Temperament: Flighty
  • Housing: Large glass terrarium
  • Diet: Insectivorous

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Feeding the Golden Tree Frog

Offer your gold treefrog as wide a range as possible of gutloaded, dusted insects on a daily basis. If kept in a group, make sure that each animal is getting enough food.

Housing the Golden Tree Frog

Creating a suitable environment is critical to the wellbeing of your frogs.

As they are a particularly active species, gold treefrogs appreciate a roomy habitat. A glass terrarium of 60 x 45 x 60cm will hold a trio, although the more space they have the better. Provide plenty of perching branches and leafy cover as well as a large but shallow water bowl. Hygiene is vitally important with amphibians, so make sure that cage furniture and water bowl are cleaned frequently with a reptile safe disinfectant.


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