Solarmeter 6.5R UVI Radiometer


  • Suitable for all setups that use UVB lighting
  • Displays results using UV Index
  • Accurate
  • Know exactly when your bulbs need changing
  • Select the correct lighting for sensitive species
  • Useful for large collections
  • Robust unit

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Solarmeter 6.5R UVI Radiometer

Ideal for large collections where replacement of UV bulbs can be expensive. Also for fine tuning provision of UV for sensitive species.

Radiometer for Measuring UV Index (UVA/UVB Combined)

Peak sunlight response bandwidth: 290-298 nm
Total solar response: 290-400nm, Diffey
Display: 3 digit LCD
Resolution: 0.1 UVI
Power Source: 9V DC battery
Accuracy: 10% ref NIST


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