ZooMed Digital UV Index Radiometer


  • Suitable for all setups that use UVB lighting
  • Uses the UVI scale, so very easy to read and interpret
  • Accurate
  • Know exactly when your bulbs need changing
  • Select the correct lighting for sensitive species
  • Useful for large collections
  • Robust unit

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The Zoo Med UVI Radiometer measures UVB and provides readings based on the UV Index, which is the system developed by the World Health Organisation to grade the levels of radiation from the sun’s rays.

A quick reference scale on the meter helps determine correct UVI level for various species based on the Ferguson Zone system that takes into account range, activity and behaviour of the animal. The UVI meters response curve is weighted to match the Vitamin D action spectrum. It can also be used to determine if lamps are producing safe and effective levels of UVB and to compare brands.

Never have to guess when your UVB lights need changing – this unit tells you! Perfect for large collections, or to select the exact products for sensitive species.

The full colour 8-page manual is available in the downloads section.

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