Zoo Med Repti Basking Spot 60W


  • Produces a high intensity light
  • Great for creating a very focused basking area
  • Standard E27 screw fitting
  • Always use with a dimming thermostat
  • Use with a lamp guard to prevent your pet coming in contact with the bulb
  • UVA improves vision and can stimulate natural feeding and breeding behaviour

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The Repti Basking Spot Lamps have a unique patented double reflector that focuses 35% more heat and light into a tight beam. Ideal for use with diurnal reptiles that thermoregulate by basking, including many tropical and desert species.

This lamp is specially designed as a basking spot lamp. The tight beam can be directed precisely on an area to create a basking site. The heat and light in the beam is increased by 35%, which allows greater distances between the bulb and the basking site. The UVA (ultraviolet A) light contributes to reptile well-being, and can improve feeding and breeding behaviour.

Does not emit UVB light.

Can be combined with a deep heat projector in order to provide a 24 hour light and heat cycle.

Must be used with a dimming thermostat, and temperatures are best monitored using a digital thermometer. Always use a guard in order to prevent your pet coming in to contact with the bulb and burning itself.


  • Ensure that the electricity supply is switched off
  • Check that the bulb type and wattage is compatible with the fitting
  • Allow the bulb to cool down before handling
  • If in any doubt, consult a qualified electrician
  • Please dispose of lamps and packaging in a responsible manner

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Weight 0.06 kg
Dimensions 13 × 6 × 6 cm


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