Reptile Systems Eco T5 Unit – Zone 2


  • High output T5 lamp
  • Reliable flicker free electronic ballast
  • Free fixing kit
  • Daisy chain cable
  • Straight connector
  • Removeable reflector unit
  • Some of the best results achievable for a unit of this type
  • Economical to run
  • NOT compatible with Reptile Systems T5 New Dawn LED
  • Suitable for all Ferguson Zone 2 animals


The Eco T5 unit Zone 2 provides quality lighting at an affordable price. This lightweight single lamp unit, with built in reflector, combines a Reptile Systems HOT5 lamp with a reliable, electronic, flicker free ballast unit all in one convenient bundle. It has a 103° removable reflector to give powerful wide spread of light thanks to its uncoated, highly reflective surface and offers some of the best results achievable for a unit of this type.

Reptile systems lamps replicate the profile of sunlight as closely as possible to produce a full spectrum lamp with balanced amounts of UVA and UVB, whilst producing excellent natural colours. We recognised the need for good quality UV lighting, for reptiles to convert this to D3, through a series of chemical events. This process is self-regulating and is essential for reptiles to absorb calcium from their diet, eliminating the risk of metabolic bone disease.

The Eco T5 unit comes with a free fixing kit, link cable, straight connectors and mains power lead, offering exceptional value for money while delivering excellent results for those who want performance on a budget.

These units can be linked together using the daisy chain or straight connector up to a maximum of ten other compatible units making it ideal for keepers with large or multiple enclosures. IP50 is rated for dry vivaria or can be mounted on top of mesh topped enclosures with excellent results.

This unit is suited to all Ferguson Zone 2 animals, which include:

  • Green anole
  • California King snake
  • Bull snake
  • Musk turtle
  • Blue tongue skink
  • African fat tail gecko
  • Great plains ratsnake
  • Leachianus gecko
  • Plumed basilisk
  • Waxy monkey tree frog
  • Western hognose

Check out our Ferguson Zone guide for more information.

Due to the budget nature of this exceptional unit it is NOT compatible with Reptile Systems T5 New Dawn LED, but it is suitable for all standard T5 fluorescent reptile and bird lamps.

Additional information

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24W T5, 39W T5, 54W T5