ProRep Light Guards


Designed to protect your reptile from injury and your UVB lamps from damage.

Easy to install

Hinged fittings for easy access





ProRep Light guards have been designed to protect reptiles from damaging/breaking fluorescent UVB lamps and equipment and injuries that would be caused by this.

Lightweight strong design with a wide gauge mesh and reflective finish ensures a minimal amount of outputted light is blocked from the tube.

Unique hinged panel with double security fasteners that allows easy access to lamps without the need to remove the fixture when replacing tubes and carrying out maintenance.

These guards have four mounting brackets and 3 cut-outs for cable entry of single and double cable fluorescent units to enable flush mounting to the roof of wooden vivariums.

Additional information

Weight N/A
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510mm/20", 660mm/26", 960mm/38", 1260mm/50"