Exo Terra Daytime Heat Lamp 40W


  • Slimline bulb
  • Standard E27 fitting
  • Gentle, diffused heat
  • UVA benefits reptile vision, and encourages natural feeding and breeding behaviour
  • Ideal for enclosures that do not require very high temperatures
  • Do not use in Exo Terra Compact Top – they are only rated to 26w per bulb
  • Combine with low output UVB to provide your pet with natural full spectrum lighting

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Exo Terra Daytime Heat lamp 40W

A broad spectrum daylight lamp with a Neodymium sleeve. The spectrum is ideal for plant’s photosynthesis and the UVA (ultraviolet A – No UVB) light contributes to reptiles’ physiological well-being. Another important factor is the heat emitted by this bulb to increase the over all ambient temperature in the terrarium.

This is a great bulb if you need gentle heat without too much light. Works very well in snake terrariums, and for crepuscular geckos.

Always use a suitable ceramic bulb holder, and should be covered with a guard if used inside the vivarium. Dimming thermostats are best for control, and temperature should be monitored using a good quality digital thermometer.


  • Ensure that the electricity supply is switched off
  • Check that the bulb type and wattage is compatible with the fitting
  • Allow the bulb to cool down before handling
  • If in any doubt, consult a qualified electrician
  • Please dispose of lamps and packaging in a responsible manner

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