MicroClimate Evo Connected 3


  • Touch screen display unit
  • Three Channel Cloud connected thermostat
  • Two Dimming or Pulse selectable channel
  • One On Off Channel
  • Sensors on every channel
  • Cloud connectivity
  • Monitor and control your thermostat from anywhere in the world using the Evo connected mobile application or the web dash board (wifi connection required to thermostat)
  • Ramp times and seasons mode are amongst a few of the new features you will find on the new connected range of Evo thermostats.

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The Microclimate EVO Connected 3 Thermostat, app controlled touch screen 3 channel thermostat.

Monitor and control your thermostat from anywhere in the world using the Evo connected mobile application or the web dash board (wifi connection required to thermostat).

  • Three Channel Cloud connected thermostat
  • Two Dimming or Pulse selectable channel
  • One On Off Channel

Each channel has its own IP rated sensor which can be used to monitor the temperature even if the channel is being used to control lighting. This is perfect for monitoring the cool end if the main probe is in the basking area.  This allows data logging across the full temperature gradient of the enclosure.

Keep all the cables out of sight with the main control box housing all of the connections with just a single cable to the all new display. Mounting solution built directly into the all new capacitive touch display and into the main control box.

Evo Connected App

The app (available on IOS and Android) is the control centre for your whole reptiles collection.

Add as many thermostats to your app as you require. Monitor and control your collection from anywhere in the world.

Real time data is displayed on your thermostats home screen. Including temperature graphs with up to 1 years data available at your finger tip, current channel temperatures, current set points and the power output status of each channel.

Easily switch between thermostats from the app home screen and mix different types of Evo Connected within the one app.

Invite friends, family  or co workers to your collection on the app with varying levels of access.

If you would like to see a Microclimate EVO Connected 3 in action visit our shop and talk to our team. They will be happy to show you how it works.

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1 review for MicroClimate Evo Connected 3

  1. John Francis-Wyatt

    I’ve owned the last evo pro range since they came out. And I’ve never had an issue with them. So 100% reliable. But I did feel they were a little outdated even at launch. Resistive touch screens, difficult to enter text at edge of screens etc.

    These new thermostats offer so many features and truly are cutting edge. The app and the connectivity make the world of difference. The capacitive touch screen is fully responsive and had none of the drawbacks of the previous resistive one.

    The design is similar, but fresher and simpler. The Brains of the unit is a smaller unit than the previous pro unit. The build quality is excellent, these feel like quality items.

    The units are easy to program and there’s videos on the manufacturer Facebook page. The colour illustrated instructions are clear and well written.

    I found it much easier to connect to the app and do all the programming on my phone. Just because it’s got an even bigger screen.

    The unit I use is the connected 3 with 2 heating channels and an on/off lighting / misting channel.

    Being able to manage 3 zones of heating, 2 actively and one passively as well as lighting in my case is absolutely vital. Previously I have had to rely on multiple units to cover all these purposes. This one unit has reduced my cable nest massively.

    I found the probes to be very accurate. The stat maintains temps exactly 95% of the time and the remaining 5% is adjusting power to achieve temp. You can even ramp the temperatures so they gradually get to temp in the morning and gradually reduce at night.

    I like that 2 of the channels can be either dimming or pulse proportional. This enables me to use a heating pad / radiator as well as a basking lamp or deep heat projector.

    This unit can replicate seasons, multiple heating points per day as well as night time drops and varying length of days as seasons change.
    This sounds complicated. But programming via the app was actually very simple once I got the hang of it. I’ve managed to set my Brazilian rainbow boa enclosure to mimic average temps night and day and daylight times for the Brazilian rainforest. As soon as the Pro is available I’ll be able to have exact control over the humidity as well so can’t wait for the pro to be available.

    These really are cutting edge technology thermostats. It’s brilliant to be able to check in during the day that all is well or make adjustments via the app over the internet. I cannot recommend these highly enough. Yes they are pricey. But if you compare these to “professional stats the Americans use” they are far more advanced and not nearly as expensive. I’ve had my first generation evo pro thermostats since they first came out and they haven’t let me down once. If the reliability is the same I’ll be happy. The 5 year guarantee suggests microclimate are confident.

    This is a company I rate highly and a product I’ll be upgrading my other reptiles to over time.

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