Microclimate B2 Pulse Proportional Stat – Green


  • 600w Maximum Load
  • Pulse Heater control
  • Not to be used with light emitting heat sources
  • Digital temperature control and processing
  • Tamper proof controls
  • 2.5m IP Rated waterproof sensor
  • Extremely accurate temperature control
  • 5 Year warranty
  • Designed and Manufactured in the United Kingdom

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Temperature ranges from 19c to 35c. Not for use with light emitting heat sources.

– 2.5m Sensor Cable

– Highly Accurate

Improved for quicker reactions to temperature changes, ensuring a more constant temperature is achieved.

Available in both black and green, the new thermostats are complete with 2.5m sensor cable, fit with Microclimates new Mounting Bracket and feature an external socket for easy and quick access to replace the fuse. Each thermostat also comes with spare fuses.

The B2 Thermostat is designed to give precise microprocessor controlled temperature of non light emitting heat sources up to 600 watts. This may include heat mats and ceramics. The heat source must be a minimum of 5 watts.

Only the best electrical components go into building your Pulse B2 and it is completely designed and manufactured in house in the United Kingdom. This allows our high standards to be maintained throughout software and manufacture.

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Weight 0.455 kg
Dimensions 20.5 × 15 × 6.2 cm


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