Weeping Fig ‘Variegated’ – Large – Ficus benjamina


More commonly known as weeping fig, in its natural habitat it’s a tree that can reach thirty metres tall! It’s a plant that can be a little difficult when grown as a houseplant, as dry air will cause it to drop its leaves. When kept in the humidity of a tropical terrarium it thrives, and if carefully trained can develop stems robust enough for larger geckos and chameleons to walk on.


Doesn’t like to be sitting in water, so an effective drainage layer is a must for this plant. It’s architectural and handsome, and is very suitable to make a striking centrepiece for your terrarium.

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This plant will develop into a small tree given the right conditions. In the terrarium however it is used mainly in tall set ups for arboreal animals. It is especially useful for chameleons as the branches are nice and strong and so are suitable for them to climb on. Grow in good light, with moderate humidity and an evenly moist soil. Low humidity and drought conditions will cause the leaves to drop and although they will grow back it makes the plant unattractive.

PPL218V ficus benjamina variegated

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