Peace Lily (Medium) – (Spathiphyllum sp)


This is another tall plant that can make a very showy display. Tall, spear shaped glossy green leaves can get up to 60cm long, so ideal for making a vertical statement! This plant seems able to survive both with its toes in water and more on the drier side, although it should never be allowed to dry out. It will happily flower in a terrarium, provided it has enough light and isn’t waterlogged.


This plant should not be used with herbivorous animals as it contains calcium oxalate crystals, which can cause skin irritation as well as bladder problems and kidney stones.

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The Peace Lily is a common houseplant, but in the terrarium it takes on a new lease of life. Thriving in warm, humid conditions in a evenly moist soil it forms clumps of upright leaves and is an ideal background plant. Because it will tolerate shade or bright light then it can be used in many positions, and its dark green glossy leaves work well when planted with other foliage plants.

PPL266M peace lily

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